Foundation Plan

Ketut Sumayana

Ketut Sumayana

We are planning to help more children for their future for 2017.

at the moment we just creating a “Leaders” for our future plan. At this time we already support 9 girls for their education, we really hope that they could support our foundation to teaching the younger and handling the detail of our foundation.

end of this year we already plan to welcome children age of 7 to 13 years old which are coming from poor family to giving them chance to change their future, giving them motivation, support, knowledge and mental power to be confidence to reach their dreams.

We really hope get some more support from over the world, from all of the kindness people to support our project and to be involved on our plan.

We born because of the Karma, We live to finish our Karma and we will dying just bring Karma, whatever you have today will be stay in this entire world and it is time for all of us to GIVE BACK to the people who need it even just a little bit…

Save The Youth, Save the World….

Ketut Sumayana,SE

Founder of Young Cultural Leaders