After producing Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil,  this year we decide to produce some other Herbs products which are made from  Red Ginger, Bali Ginger, Turmeric & White Turmeric.

 Red Ginger is one of the three kind gingers in Indonesia. Red Ginger is more bitter and spicy concentrations higher than both the other Ginger is widely used in the world of traditional medicine. One of the benefits of Red Ginger is for health is to treat asthma or shortness of breath. Other benefits of the Red Ginger is very powerful tool to enhance the vitality of men and strengthen the resilience of the sperm.  Red Ginger also had content that is able to reduce swelling and pain can be also beneficial for curing rheumatism or gout. Red Ginger is also beneficial to relieve coughs and also heals coughs.

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Red Ginger has some content that is very beneficial to the body in the disposal of toxins such as bad cholesterol found in the blood. Because red ginger beneficial to launch circulation so the bad cholesterol that would normally inhibit the blood flow will be destroyed. The benefits of Red Ginger is very much even red ginger can also eliminate a headache. Not only for health, but red ginger plant is very nutritious for beauty. Because of the presence of substances that are believed to reduce oily skin. Red ginger can also be utilized to eliminate acne and how fairly easily.