The Ideas

My name is Ketut Sumayana, i am the owner of Bali Pure Industry. i have the idea to set up Bali Pure is because i was so interested on Natural and traditional healing method. My background is farmer, but since i was 11 years that i already have big Dream. mostly i spending times with Nature and learn about it including climbing trees like coconut, doing planting, caring and learn about what use for of each plant.

I was have big issued of my emotion, easy angry, sensitive and very high ego, and no one willing to be my friend since i at elementary school, not even classmate… but i don’t know why that happen, why people don’t like me but i am not think much about it, i just ignore it and spending my whole time with Nature. Went to the hill, swimming in the sea and work in the garden and playing with the animals. Until the moment come and i need to think again and deep from my heart i want to have many friends as others. but finally i am always alone and lonely. but i always keep positive thinking and when i was 14 years old i went to part time work at one Resort near by my house as gardener, my talent as jungle boy are very helpful because i could show everybody about my talent,,climbing, handling the tress, animals etc. Everyday i spent my time just for working and studying at school, and no time for fun with any friends because i have no friend anyway.

I was have a dream as Doctor, so i took Nature Science and i love Biology, but after spending 1 year at senior high school suddenly earth quake destroying the Laboratory of the school, and since there are no laboratory mean there are no Nature Science and all of the students who take nature science must move to social science or move to another school and start from the first year because the school are private school.

so, i took science with all of my sadness, finally i finish the education in senior high school and i have no idea about what i should do the next, and the owner of the Resort advice me to take two option : first option to be teacher or second option take the Economic Management Bachelor. and i decide it to take Economic Management. when i was in the collage i still no friend with my bad emotion, and after past the first year then i met a owner of Social Foundation and he giving me light and teaching me about spirituality.

Since that i am interested to spirituality and i got scholarship to went to India for 8 month for culture exchange courses. I was learn how to be a good friend and i past a lot of test of the universe, and 2010 i am back from India. after back from India i was focusing on my study of economic and resign of my job, as well practicing Yoga and Meditation with other friends in Singaraja. ideas come and touching my heart and think ” what i can do and what i should give back to this universe? ” my heart keep asking every time and one day i got a advice from holy man to supporting the Village, since that i am dreaming to support the village. End of 2011 i was finish my education and the owner of the Resort when i was work before invite me to come and giving me new chance to be Manager of his resort. I was work hard and always doing my best but my heart keep asking ” what do you want for next? ” and i get confuse and after work 6 month i decide to support teenagers around the village and i start inviting the teenagers who have low economic and wanna change their future are welcome.

so, i was giving the teenagers my promised to support them until they could finish in the collage with $ 200 USD on my account. but question of time and i got better salary and i could save some and also some of the people willing to support my project. finally i have 10 teenagers and i already on top of the organization, and i start need to think about future development and actually which i already plan since the first year i start working. so, on May, 2015 i decide to resign again and start producing Virgin Coconut Oils on June 2015. now with all support from friends over the world i could do something and i was committed to use 50% of the profit of the company to support teenagers…… 2003 i was just a son of the farmer, 2004 i became a gardener, 2008 i was became assistant manager, 2010 i was became head of the internet broadband technician and 2012 i became manager of the Resort and 2015 i became owner of my small industry… let see what will be happen 2017………

Keep your dream BIG and as long we are in the right path the the universe will always blessing us.

written by
I Ketut Sumayana

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