Bali Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Bali Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh & selected coconuts from sembiran village which we process with cold pressed method without heating, chemical involved , so it is 100% all natural. Sembiran Village is located in Buleleng district North Bali, here is rich of fruit plantation like mango, cacao, rambutan, durian, and coconuts all around the coast. Mostly the coconut we send to Java with low price because in the village we only able to process our coconut as cooking oil with low value and hand made.

so, Bali Pure we build to support local farmers to give them better price of their coconuts, as well local housewife to ensure they have permanent job to feed their family, we also active to give scholarship to the teenagers to make sure poor kids also get chance to change their future. Bali Pure not only producing virgin coconut oils, we do produced soap bar with main ingredients of virgin coconut oil. we also produce several other product like : candlenut oil, red ginger powder, turmeric powder, instant turmeric which get extracted with palm sugar, Candlenut body scrubs and other natural product.

our mission is to produced the fines virgin coconut oil in Bali as well to be able to employee 50 housewife and giving scholarship to 100 kids every year.

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